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The unkindest cut

Pity the poor Americans--unwilling to give up the death penalty, yet mired in eternal quibbling over a minimally painful, optimally reliable method of executing convicted criminals. Could it be that the answer is as plain as the head on one's shoulders? I ask this question (not for the first time) in my Friday column for the National Post.


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Half Canadian:

This wasn't always the case. In 1996, a child-molesting murderer in Utah was executed by firing squad, and shortly before then, a man was hung in Rhode Island.

Unfortunately, neither state will institute that form of execution again.

Idaho and Oklahoma make the firing squad available as a secondary method. The default is lethal injection, but if the condemned chooses firing squad, they are given a firing squad (this was the case in Utah as well).

Computers have already revolutionized the way we live and work. Have they changed the way we think? After reading all posts I think they have. People, why do you write what you hear somewhere, not your own thoughts?


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