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It's bonus day!

No, not at the cosmetics counter, but here at ColbyCosh.com, where we're bringing you links to two new pieces: a surprise Monday column about the Canadian government's war on medical-marijuana "compassion clubs", and a long Full Comment entry about how a change in NHL rules may have exercised a butterfly effect on the game.


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Aiiee! Did you really, after your compelling argument in favor of compassion club grow-ops, finish off by saying "and hey, they'll destroy support for the current drug laws, too!"

As the joke goes, 10 out of 10 for style, minus several million for good judgment :).

PS: I know it's the height of disingenuousness to say this after this post and my one-man War on Marc Emery in another post, but I don't really have a dog in this hunt. The legalization of pot (or not) isn't something I spend a lot of time fretting about either way, though I do enjoy the debate as a form of intellectual game.

Rich Rostrom:

"Butterfly effect"? What you're describing is an unintended but predictable consequence. A "butterfly effect" is an unpredictable consequence due to the disturbing influence of the initial change on a mathematically chaotic system.

"Butterfly effects" can't be detected because one can't know the unaffected state of the system.

Well, I kind of took a dig at the league for not predicting it, but it would in fact have been awfully hard to foresee until a concrete case appeared. And in describing the butterfly effect you're completely skipping over a defining element: namely that the chaotic, expanding consequences of the initial influence appear in a totally different, surprising place. The butterfly doesn't flap its wings in New Orleans to cause Hurricane Katrina.


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