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And yet another bonus column

My new National Post column on the death of Bobby Fischer, who was long one of the more significant preoccupations of this site, appears here. That entry contains a link to a 2005 Post column about Fischer which is in some ways my most comprehensive statement on the subject. Best place to go for emerging coverage: Mig Greengard's site, which already has Garry Kasparov's official statement.


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Half Canadian:

Both of these were fine columns. Great writing on your part.

1) You left out the Petrosian match.

2) "accompanied by a ragtag handful of barely chess-literate cronies"

Huh? Fischer's second was the GM Bill Lombardy. I doubt he knew many people who were "barely chess-literate."

There's an even more clear-cut error in the piece that only one correspondent has spotted so far. Anyone care to try their luck?


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