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A billion dollars later

Jesus. I guess we all agree that John Ferguson Jr. needed to be fired as Leafs general manager, but can someone remind me why the opinion of a backup goalie in the Swedish second division counts for anything? (The CBC mercifully omitted the information, but it's another Eddie—national-team netminder Eddie Läck—who is getting most of the starts for Allsvenskan leader Leksands IF and leading the circuit in save percentage.)


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That's an awfully churlish thing to say about a two-time Vezina winner and future HOF goalie.

Yeah, he's a 42-year-old playing Div-2 hockey in Sweden, but he's a has-been goalie, not a never-was goalie.

The more interesting question is why he's playing semi-pro Swedish hockey.

Uh, it's Ed Belfour. I say churlish things about him because Sweden is too far away for me to physically defecate on him. As it happens it's also a convenient distance for ripping a fired GM who had failed to pick up a $4.5M option on a 41-year-old who had just posted an .892 SvPct--i.e., probably the one decision JFJ ever got right in his life. And why doesn't the story mention that he's the #2 guy in Leksand?

Gord Tulk:

So, is Billion-dollar eddie suggesting that Quinn be returned to being HC? Maybe felix potvin is available too.

The TO fanbase (which includes the TO sports media) seems to be unable to unhook from a mediocre (at best) past and start anew with perish the thought unknown players and managers who have promise.

To me this is proof that Leafs fans are fans of the jersey, the brand, the only thing toronto has that it can call world-class in the same league with the Yankees, the Cubs, and Man. U., NOT hockey.

Half Canadian:

To be fair to Belfour, his criticism centered around the dismissal of Quinn, and he wasn't malicious about it.


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