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Comedy capital

Local headline of the weekend: “Hollywood movie shot in Edmonton may only be screened in Edmonton”. (If a tree falls, etc.)

Local lede of the weekend, from a separate item:

A business owner frustrated with bad workers placed a brutally honest help-wanted ad in an Edmonton-area newspaper this week. “If you … can come to work on time, not steal from us, not show up drunk, then come in and see us today,” reads the ad written by Charmaine Rose, owner of high-end lingerie stores La Belle Femme in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

Wait, what wuzzat last one again?


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Count this in the "we seem to be in the wrong industry" column: the SUN reported last week that Rose pays her store managers in the 60k/yr range, and you get to help girls try on sexy underwear, and the biggest problem has been finding a taker.

Make sure you put me down as a reference when you apply.

Heck, given salaries in the ink-stained wretch industry, this could constitute a raise for our generous host!

G'wan Colby, go for it! You can surely stay sober long enough to get the job.

Gord Tulk:

I would think perhaps colby's bigger temptation would be theft of the merchandise.

I know what temp labour company won't be asked to fill this job :) (We don't have a branch in Edmonton, but even if we did...)


"I would think perhaps colby's bigger temptation would be theft of the merchandise."

Thanks so much for the mental image. I really needed that.


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