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Not shown: sexy but somewhat dopey physician sidekick

It’s that time of year again—time, that is, for the annual roundup of Halloween-themed NFL cheerleader costumes at SI.com. The usual staples are all there: sexy witch, sexy pirate, sexy nurse, sexy Sherlock Holmes…

...wait, what?


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If you stop to think about it, isn't sexy Peter Pan even more disturbing?

Then again, I guess this would technically be sexy football player. But the Lingerie Bowl taught us that was a-okay.

Also, you failed to note the raciest of the outfits. Note "Route" badge on the front of the short shorts.

Oh yeah, and I'm finding sexy Raggedy Ann a little bit wrong as well. And not in a good way.

Well smack my ass and call me Watson!

Wow. I thought you were joking, but Sherlock really is sexy!

Not meaning to quibble, but Watson wasn't "somewhat dopey", except in the Basil Rathbone films.

Doctor Watson was not a dullard, and Holmes himself acknowledged his friend to be of above-average intellect. It was merely in the foil of the brilliant detective that he could be misunderstood to be a mite slow.

(He was, however, sexy, in the sense that he was apparently quite a playboy in his youth and during his military career)

Looking carefully, because, Lord know, someone has to, I note that Ms. Holmes was the only one whose costume actually fit. the rest seemed to all have costumes which someone else, whose buxomness extended in slightly different directions, wore last year.

So what you're saying is, it surprises you that sexy Sherlock was a custom job as opposed to an off-the-rack costume.


I like the Sexy Sherlock. If she made it herself, she's obviously a reader. Looks + Brains = Sexy!

I even like the Sexy Peter Pan and the Sexy Football player. And I think even Sexy Zorro would have worked, if it wasn't for that hat...


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