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Michael Ondaatje is not impressed

Kate Beaton is a lady who makes very funny comic strips about historical figures, roommates, and being from the Maritimes. Important note: the drawings themselves are actually funny, which is rare, almost unprecedented, for a webcomic. Er… that is all.


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Wow -- that was without a doubt the best comic referencing The Littlest Hobo that I've ever read.


People always go straight to Hobo and overlook the gold that can be found in Adventures in Rainbow Country.

It's unbelieveable how shitty the film quality on that show was--it was made in 1970-71 and I remember being creeped out by it in, like, 1978 because the prints were so chewed-up and out-of-register.

But then this is a general characteristic of anything made in Canada before about the year 2000. Even in its first run, Littlest Hobo looked like it had been shot on reused tape with somebody's North Korean video camera.

That is an exact description of an Ondaatje reading a friend and I went to back in the late 80s.

One question was so looooong and idiotic (something about "William Lyon Mackenzie King") and Ondaatje's blunt one word answer ("No") was so funny we both cracked up and were bawling our eyes out with laughter. And couldn't stop.

We were trapped in the middle of a row in the middle of the auditorium and had no escape. Which just made us laugh more.


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