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Life imitates Chuck Palahniuk

Seriously, do not click on this link unless you have a strong stomach. There’s a reason the subhed on the interview is “Conclusive Proof That There Is No God and Humans Are Essentially Evil”.


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Byron Fast:

Also, that Dave Chappelle is wrong, starting at the five minute mark:

Half Canadian:

In all fairness, the fact that there are "people" (I'm assuming they are) who wanted to stop this (And apparently did), without killing, may undermine the subheading's claim.

If you changed the subhed to "Conclusive Proof There Is No God and That There Are Essentially Evil Humans", though, I'd have a lot less problem with it.

It's amazing, when you think of the breadth and depth of the cruelty and brutality of nature, that we actually are able to top it with such panache. What a species.


Apparently my stomach was not so strong as I thought. Dear God, but that was vile.

Worse than the Swedish album covers? Thanks for the warning, I think I'll go to lolcats instead.

Garth Wood:

Just to be a bit of a devil's advocate here, there's also nothing stopping someone of a more religious bent saying "Conclusive proof that the human race is a fallen species wallowing in the results of original sin."

Either way, though, it's repulsive.  Poor thing.

Jesus. I really need to change the settings on my literalism filter.

Garth Wood:

Relax.  I'm just messin' with ya.  ;-)


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