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Katastrofala omslag

It’s Swedish for “catastrophic [album] covers”, and no one does catastrophic album covers like the Swedes. I’m prepared to pay top dollar, incidentally, for any MP3s of The Schytts.


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Can't help you with the Schytts but I do have a Dan-Jakob on red vinyl I can lend to ya.

Red vinyl? I kind of imagine these records as being printed on worn-out Saab tires or something.

Alasdair Robinson:

How much are you paying? I'd say that the Schytts are priceless...


I think Svenness ended up with the old Team Canada 1972 uniforms. Does Sweden have a "Tommy Hunter Show?" Maybe CC can pick up a video of it, surely that Mom and Dads group would be weekly guests.

And speaking of Tommy Hunter, I wonder how difficult it would be to explain to a group of Swedish people why a three man vocal group chose the name "the Rhythm Pals".


Can't say as I've ever known anyone to want to have the Schytts, let alone pay to have the Schytts. Maybe you could simply investigate Swedish cuisine a little further. I counted 7 Schytts on the cover but the title has the number 6. One too many Schytts? After a double order of suicide wings, even one is too many for me.

Garth Wood:

Just go to ISOhunt and enter the search term "Schytts."  MP3s galore!  (No guarantee that they won't make your ears bleed, though...)


Go to http://www.svenskadansband.se

I'm partial to the Gert Jonnys and Garvis myself....


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