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NP: Liberal warfare, at home and abroad

This Wednesday editorial for the Post about Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, John Manley, and Afghanistan was mostly my work (the print version had a few extra flourishes). If you are favourably impressed, let it serve as a reminder that only about one-quarter of my output for the Post appears under my byline. You should be reading every day!


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George Skinner:

Thought I recognized your hand more than a few times. FYI, you're my wife's favorite columnist in the Post these days.

Dear Mr Cosh: Wonderful--added as "Update" to this "The Torch" post:

"Expectedly partisan"


Great article, Colby. What a shameful bit from Chretien. Surprised there wasn't more outrage in the press over that. The only thing I can think of for that is that nobody considers him a man of historical consequence. I think most felt that way even during his time even when they voted for him. It's about time for Canada to move forward.


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