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Saved from Iron Maiden

The death of Tony Wilson has plunged my boss Jon Kay into a reverie. Who can have made such a sarcastic comment about the legacy of Factory Records?


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I would say Iron Maiden saved me from that miserable shite from Madchester. My god were fans of that crap a dreary lot. Tony Wilson was responsible for the growth of whinge rock which we are still suffering from.

Garth Wood:

Yeah, whinge rock has had a profound (and mostly negative) influence on too many young people of my acquaintance.  Some of them are finally starting to shake off its more pernicious effects, but God! it's taking a long time.

Nothing like a young woman in her mid-twenties who still thinks Nickleback speaks for "her generation."


He probably would have been better served if he had listened to Iron Maiden.

He'd get history and great literature!

(Mind you, I like Blue Monday. But I'd rather listen to The Trooper or Rime of the Ancient Mariner at almost any time.)

I can't be the only one who has used "Alexander the Great" as an aide-memoire in a university classics exam.

It all sounds like a "you know how I know you are gay" joke from 40-Year Old Virgin.


It has nothing to do with this post but I, too, was born on May 2nd.

Gord Tulk:

Mr. Wilson had something to do with Joy Division and thus the start of the post-punk era. Therefore he is a significant contributor in music history.

J.D., with tunes like 'Transmission' and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' were huge influences on U2 and many others.

New Order - the remnant of J.D. - were much ado about nothing. Kay should stick to other topics.

Gord Tulk:

Jesus I forgot to mention 'Atmosphere'. Check it out if you have never heard it before.

See, I'm a weirdo—I have this oddball idea, incompatible with the 21st-century myth of Factory Records, that the actual musicians who played on those records may possibly deserve some of the credit for them. (See also McLaren, M.)

Gord Tulk:

The likes of John Hammond, Sam Phillips, Brian Epstein and yes Malcolm McLaren and the aforementioned Mr. Wilson all played important roles in the development and success of their respective prodigies.

How many superb talents were squandered because they lacked such support, no one can say.

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