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Coshery roundup: a two-column week

The Post kept me busy this week: on top of my usual workload, I took on the job of writing the late-afternoon insta-reaction piece for the front page when the Prime Minister shuffled his cabinet. Without the usual benefit of second-guessing everyone else a day later I mostly hit upon the same conclusions; one welcome personnel change I didn’t have space to mention was the rotation of Bev Oda out of Heritage, where her ostentatious feeding on campaign-funding slops from the tax-farming entertainment industry had become a potential election liability for the Conservatives. (In the ‘06 vote similar behaviour cost the Liberals Sarmite Bulte’s otherwise pretty safe Ontario seat.) I would compare the move to the scene in The Untouchables where the judge switches juries and pulls the rug out from under Al Capone.

Friday’s column analyzes the prospects for an NEP-style attack on Alberta’s oil sands; as I’ve argued since the days of the Chretien government, the climate-change catastrophism that would provide the pretext has probably passed its peak, and the gummy black soil around Ft. McMurray may have become too essential to the economy to come under confiscatory attack.


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I will never forget or forgive Stephane Dion calling my work in the oilfields 'easy money' and 'bad for the economy'; not once but twice. It is this attitude and lack of understanding that allowed NEP 1.0 to happen and will allow NEP 2.0.


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