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Sy Woivendon?


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Ah, "Whispers of the Wolf" is one of my all-time favourite SCTV parodies.

So long Ingmar, I hope death isn't nearly as frightening as you made it out to be...

Those nice people at the end of Seventh Seal seemed to be having an okay time.

When you think about it, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey is a pretty impressive sign of Bergman's stature. No producer has yet taken, say, Wedding Crashers and decided to make a sequel revolving entirely around Rainer Werner Fassbinder jokes.

Yeah, but George Lucas made two trilogies revolving around Akira Kurosawa riffs!

I suppose that technically, Woody Allen's later movies aren't meant to be parodies of his earlier (you know...) movies.

I'm pretty Bergmann-naive. Is his oeuvre kinda like watching lots of Oscar-winning films? You know, you applaud politely at the end, then spend the rest of your life studiously avoiding any further opportunities to see them (I would cite Kramer vs. Kramer, How Green Was My Valley, and American Beauty).


Scenes has to go on the shortest of short lists for masterpieces produced by SCTV. Not one stroke too many. This time around, I really loved the bit about Freud.

(Also on the short list has to be Dave Thomas's Bob Hope on Stars in One from the SCTV Channel shows. Now that is virtuosity.)


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