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NP: The week in Coshery

You want content? Oh, we've got content. There's an editorial predicting the eventual return of Toronto mayor David Miller's attempt to piggyback a new levy on top of the (bad in itself) provincial tax on land-title transfers. There's a discussion of Dr. Norman Borlaug, the brains behind the Green Revolution and founder of the World Food Prize, who received a Congressional Gold Medal this week. And there's a signed column about the hidden sadness behind the Kids in the Hall's stage reunions. Read till you bleed!


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Cosh told us to look out for this sort of thing:

George Caiazo (1969 - July 18, 2007) was a professional wrestler best known under the ring name John Kronus. Caiazo worked for Extreme Championship Wrestling, United States Wrestling Association and Xtreme Pro Wrestling.


The only people not pulling for the Gene Revolution are rooting for the other team? What is the other team? You're right that it's incredible how few people know who Borlaug is, but I don't think you know enough about famine if you're trying to argue that increased food production is a solution. Check out Amartya Sen and Vandana Shiva, my friend. They've got a lot to say about the Green Revolution.


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