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ColbyCosh.com reserve-price quiz

A trivia challenge arising from a chat with a friend: what is the largest/most populous city named after a borough or suburb of London?

My reserve bid should be fairly obvious, but I'll start you off with Greenwich, Connecticut (pop. 61,101). We have comments now, you can file your answer there.


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Westminster, CO - 105,753

Kingston, Jamaica (I'm guessing at the link) - 660,000

I'm ruling Kingston out unless you can show which Kingston it was named for, if any. The name tends to crop up in many places independently when there's a male sovereign...


No doubt I'm missing some place in India with three-quarters of a million people, but I'll guess Richmond VA (pop. 195,251).

Though if you want to count Philadelphia as part of Greater Camden NJ (or Wilmington DE), there's 5.8 million in that metro area.


Edmonton, of course.

Though if you want to count Philadelphia as part of Greater Camden NJ

Having been there, I wouldn't want to count Philly as part of anything.


Ah, but does Edmonton really count as a "borough or suburb" of London?

It's in a burough though, right?

It no longer enjoys legal borough status, if that's the pedantic point being made, but it's still a suburb.

(Ottawa no longer enjoys the legal status of a distinct city, but if I asked you whether someplace called "New Ottawa" was named after an Ontario city, the answer is still yes. Just for the record.)

New Ottawa? God forbid.

Garth Wood:

Edmonton.  I was in London eight weeks ago, and traveled past/through Edmonton on the way to Cambridge via train.  If it's not a 'burb of London, I don't know how you tell the difference.

Anyways, it's inside the M25 Orbital, which is how most Brits delineate 'greater London' from the rest of the UK.


Sorry for intruding, because (a) I'm an Ottawan, and, which may not be unconnected, (b) I don't quite follow how "Ottawa no longer enjoys the legal status of a distinct city?" There is a legal entity known as the "City of Ottawa" in Ontario and the federal parliament buildings are inside its borders.

I got confused: the example I wanted was Hull, not Ottawa.

As for Edmonton being a suburb, I recommend a refresher course on the City of London, or the Latin meaning of "suburb," or whatever information you're missing here. Or maybe you could just do a Google search or two.

I'm a day late and several hundred thousand people short, but I just want to mention Chelsea, either in Manhattan or Massachusetts.


Why are you wasting this good trivia? Save it for use during the Oilers season when we need it wouldya?

Any good hockey players ever come out of Barking and Dagenham? One fewer than came out of Floral, Sk is my bet.


Camden, New Jersey. Bigger than hell (that's just an estimate, mind).

Garth Wood:

Er, you sure about that?

Wikipedia claims that, as of 2005, Camden's estimated population is just a hair over 80,000 people.  Edmonton's, according to StatsCan, was 1,022,900 as of 2005.

Perhaps you meant some larger area which most people think of as "Camden"?


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