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NP: Cleanliness difficile

A super-surprise bonus from the pages of Saturday's Post: my second column in as many days. (As its length suggests, it was originally planned as an ordinary unsigned leader.) This piece does not express an opinion so much it asks a question: isn't a hospital that has trouble with "infection control" virtually a contradiction in terms? One senses that the obsolete term "pesthouse" may be on the verge of coming back into fashion in Canada.

[UPDATE, July 28: Inkless Wells readers can go here for a response.]


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One wonders why hospitals aren't emulating the example of Frances Gabe:


It seems to me that the technology in her prototype home would be *the thing* for your average health care facility.

Person of Choler:

How about Ignaz Semmelweis? His statistical studies of infection patterns led him to recommend frequent hand washing with a disinfectant solution.

In 1847.



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