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Headline of the day

Well played, Globe and Mail night desk. Well played.


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In the end, Hilton served 22 days in detention, counting her day-long home confinement. The original 45-day term set by the judge was effectively cut in half under a standard credit applied for good behaviour

This must be good news for poor Conrad Black: he might only end up serving 50 years of his sentence...


Maybe I'm suffering from proximity to events here, but wasn't that a slam-dunk? Haven't we seen a thousand variations on it over the last three weeks?

PS- Admit it, she's pretty when she smiles.


Were there any "Judgment of Paris" jokes when she got sentenced?


Is Paris boring?

James Kabala:

Crid: Does she ever smile? Even Lindsay Lohan can manage a quasi-smile on occasion, but I can't recall Paris ever looking happy at any time for any reason. Occasionally her facial expression rises to the level of a smirk; mostly it is just bland.
ebt: Yes.


You're right, but that's why I said it now: The photos of her leaving Lynwood could warm any cockles. She had to be imprisoned before that smile could be generated, but, like, whatever it takes.


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