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But police admitted it was the cleanest crime scene they had ever encountered

Am I the only one who thinks this is a blatantly obvious homicide? "That's right, officer. While I was in the other room playing video games, my 18-month-old brother must have taken the dish racks out of the dishwasher by himself, crawled inside, found a way to pull the heavy sealed door shut on himself, and engaged the exterior latch, scoring an unprecedented triumph over the child-safety precautions of one of the world's oldest appliance manufacturers. When I came into the kitchen and saw his blanket on the floor, the dishwasher was naturally the first place I looked for him, as anyone else would, and that of course explains why my fingerprints are on the handle. Are we good? I have soccer practice in a half-hour." C'mon, hillbilly cops, we're all cheering for you to connect the dots here.


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Half Canadian:

I was going to make some comments about the death penalty, but at 13 years, it's never going to happen.


It might in Arkansas - ever hear of Rickey Ray Rector?

Devin McCullen:

Looking around for more info, apparently there was also a 3-year-old in the house. I think that raises the accident possibility up a notch. And I don't see from this report why you're saying the dish racks were taken out. I think "empty" just means there were no dishes in there.

Half Canadian:

Uh, given that Rickey's IQ at the time of the crime was NOT 70, it's hardly relevant.

Also, why self-inflicted retardation allow Mr. Rector to escape the punishment for his crime? The guy tried to kill himself and screwed it up. That's entirely different from a 13 year old cramming a bairn into a dishwasher, though not as disturbing.


And Mum and Dad were where?

Lord knows I would have gladly stuffed my little brother in the dishwasher for pure fun - at least until he became my larger younger brother - and my elder son would shove Max in instantly. However, I suspect that my mum and Sam and Max's mum (and maybe even their dad) would be on it before the pre-wash was completed.

Of course, it is Arkansas.


Alright, you got me on that one.


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