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And the award for Best Jonny Greenwood Guitar Performance Not By Jonny Greenwood goes to

Pleased to make your acquaintance, chaps from British Sea Power. Maybe I'm just way too tired after a week of 115 separate deadlines but I think your single is pretty good and I want to see if my souped-up weblog (at least I think this stuff all over my trousers is soup) can handle YouTube embedding.

Life has been very cruelly arranged such that you can only spot excellent pop music reliably after you've gotten too old to follow it with the necessary fervor.


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Sweet Ziggy Stardust, is that David Bowie's son on vocals? Lordy.

I think this is pretty much what Bowie was trying for when he formed that band with Soupy Sales' kids.


Actually, it's not very good. But look on the bright side - if you like it, it means that you ain't too old yet.


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