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Live from Edmonton, it's Thursday night

Unless I'm much mistaken, visitors to ColbyCosh.com are now being directed to this previously half-hidden Movable Type front end. I'd like to extend an apology to all those who regarded my old, ugly, 100% hand-coded site (permanently available as a warning to future generations here) as a gesture of individualism and humility in a world where new software is adopted solely for the sake of novelty. I am not a Luddite. I am just lazy and skeptical. I am sure that my many long-standing correspondents will immediately coalesce into an exciting new community-type thingy thanks to the introduction of comment threads. So, um, go to it.


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www.colbycosh.com gets redirected, but not colbycosh.com, at least for me..

I think I see the problem (typo in .htaccess). Can you give it another shot?


Live from Edmonton, it's Tuesday morning! (If I've subtracted right.)

Nicely nurdled, sir! *Some* trepidation on the comment threads, as that's usually a signal for a site to take a headfirst plunge into the mire.

Incidentally, on the RH sidebar under "ABOUT", there's a blank entry "The previous post in this blog was ." This may be a coding whatstit, but it may just be because there's only one entry in the relevant database (i.e. the first article done in MT...)

No--it's because the previous post in this blog is one I didn't endow with a title, precisely in order to see what would happen. Now we know (and we know that creating entries with blank titles is inadvisable unless and until I install some kind of "untitled remark" plugin).

Anyone else against abortion and think Israel is a facist state with designs on the elimination of all Arabs?

(In case I ever run for office, and Cosh is looking for another scoop to get his name in the paper, I should note that this is tongue in cheek.)

(Except for the part about Israel.)

Nice. Day one of the new interface and the site's already being zerbed.

Nice. Day one of the new interface and the site's already being zerbed.

Are you sure? I read the post that we're responding to carefully and I didn't note any glaring factual errors.


ColbyCosh.com: Where perspectives connect!

I prefer to think of it as a place where connections perceive.

So... do you like... stuff?

I'd prefer you scratched your posts on rocks. Then posted a digital picture of the rock.

Seriously, if the Movable Type makes you post more, then it's a good thing.



Sorry, I'm better now. And somebody had to do it.


I think it's a place where perfections concoct.

i miss the satanic looking picture....

The pinkish beige of the background clashes uncomfortably with the the yellow-beige of the box.

If you have a philosophical reason for that dissonance, then please excuse me.

Whatever. I'd read your words if if they were printed in gray on a black background.


The Nicky Fordinski school of blog design!!
Love it!


Can't you have a banner where I could lasso a sheep to win an iPod or something?

Warmongering Lunatic:

First "First Post" Post!


I liked the old blog. It reminded me of my Dad's old Bible.

Welcome back, Cosh.


>amazing how people react when you take a >month off every five years or so

If you keep to your current 2007 schedule of taking a month off every, um, MONTH or so, don't be surprised if that spontaneous community doesn't coalesce as you hoped. Just sayin'.

I agree with Joe. Also, the content here costs too much.


Looking good bro. Just don't be shy about nuking any comments you don't like and banning any trolls who give you trouble.

"The food here is terrible! And such small portions!"


can you just post more often. please :)

Yes: I was directed here instead of the old joint. That didn't happen yesterday but it did today. Surprising, and gratifying. I see commitment in this, not to mention permalinks for the future. I'll happily write-off every time I linked you in the past four and half years for the prospect of links actually going somewhere in the future, without that "40-60 days" chase (which I never bothered with).

Good deal.

The "satanic looking picture" that Razib misses appears to be back in the RH corner of the front page banner. That picture looks a bit like me, so it pleased me to hear that it also looks like Satan.

No, Razib's talking about an even older, scarier iteration.


Speaking of older, scarier iterations, does anyone miss the sidebar links with the white period to separate each link? I was kind of fond of that.


I miss the up-to-the-minute list of top canada blogs


No, the food here is delicious. Which makes all the more frustrating the fact that the "OPEN" sign is illuminated 24/7 when in fact the restaurant has effectively been closed for the last several months.


oh and I'm not a troll and I apologize if this is going to be one of those comment sections where you have to suck the proprietor off for a while before you say anything the least bit negative. but I thought how you handled complaints about your previous month-long absence was rather rude (how hard is it to slap up a "gone fishin'" entry?), and the unoriginal restaurant analogy doesn't really impress this time either. we'll revisit this the next time you post, sometime in July.

Just what I always wanted. My very own interweb parole officer.

I guess you're not rough enough trade for joe, who apparently prefers to say negative things *before* he sucks dick. I used to have a girlfriend like that; it's a surprising turn-on when done right.


I'm right there with ya, Joe. The $14.95 a month we pay to view this site entitles us to a certain amount of consideration.


I think this is all a trick so Colby can prove his point about blog comments being useless.

He'll get no argument from me, I don't have them either. But they're a lot worse than merely useless.

They've been known to cause tooth decay in stoats.


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