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July 4, 2010

Great moments in anachronism

Monkee Mike Nesmith deviously smuggles one of his own songs onto the hit NBC show—obviously one of his lesser works, judging from its use in a cheap, breezy comedy bit. (Weird but true: the press backlash against the "phony" Monkees reached its peak after the Stone Poneys turned Nesmith's "Different Drum" into a hit—which, in turn, took place months after this clip aired.)

July 17, 2010

Na na na na na, picture book

Le roi soleil

Stockwell Day at Sarah Palin event

Palin People, Calgary, AB

Afterparty 2

Afterparty 1

Brick 2

July 31, 2010

'Other than that, it's mainly catering'

Not sure why M&W aren't more famous over here yet, but it's probably just as well.

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